"WWTV.scot is a New Global Community Funk TV Station and broadcasts around the world 24/7 for The William Wallace Trust. The William Wallace Statue in the Scottish Borders is in need of further refurbishment and care of the paths and car park. WWTV.scot will serve the Wallace Statue and Is a fundraiser and living record for those that contribute. The Wallace Trust is about education; the local community, and connecting communities around the world. As Funk Ambassador tae Scotland for the Funk Music Hall of Fame and exhibition centre in Dayton Ohio we will bring the World closer together with Funk and we will be featuring the Wallace Statue at the University of Dayton's Funk Symposium 4th-6th November 2021.

This broadcast will set the path for future generations to come and visit and care for The Wallace Statue and is a continuing story frae the Body Blast'n music video from 1988 that helped start it a' '"


Jesse Rae


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Broadcast'n in Dayton Ohio Funk Centre

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By Jesse Rae For wwtv.scot


The William Wallace Statue

The William Wallace Statue can be
found in it's own grounds next to
Bemersyde Estate. Built and carved by
local man John Smith of Darnick and
commissioned and unveiled on September
22nd 1814,by David Steuart Erskine,11th
Earl of Buchan.

 'Guardian O' The Scottish Borders'
 "..That in the short space, he recovered all the
strengths on the Borders, and brought the South parts of Scotland....to quiet"


          Wallace Said "All Men,Women and Children
          in this World,no matter what Colour, Nation or
          Religion...... Should Be Free"