WWTV.scot is a new Global Community Funk Station and broadcasts around the World 24/7 for The William Wallace Trust and The Wallace Statue.
  The Wallace Statue is Guardian O' The Scottish Borders and is in need of further refurbishment and care of its ground,paths and car park.  WWTV.scot will serve the Wallace Statue as a fundraiser and living record for those that contribute.   The William Wallace Trust is about Education, helping the local community and connecting with different Cultures and Nations around The World.   As Funk Ambassador tae Scotland for The Funk Music Hall Of Fame and Exhibition Center in Dayton Ohio,we will bring the Scottish Borders and the World closer taegether with Funk.   In 1988 we created 'Body Blast'n ',The Worlds first Music Video by a statue to save itself for earlier repairs.  Now 2024 ,we break the boundaries again ; for the next phase; as The Wallace Statue is 'Executive Producer' of The IMAX 'FUNKUMENTARY' ,and the IMAX Movie 'The Beast O' Bamburgh, so as tae secure funding intae the future and The Wallace Statue's place in the eyes of the World ,for the next 1000 years".

"All Men ,Women and children in this World should be free, no matter what Colour,Nation or Religion" William Wallace



Jesse Rae

The William Wallace Statue can be found in it's own grounds next to Bemersyde estate.

Built and carved by local man John Smith of Darnick and commisioned and unveiled on September 22nd 1814,by
David Steurt Erskine,11th Earl of Buchan.

Wallace stands 31' high looking over the River Tweed.. Sir William Wallace 'Guardian O' The Scottish Borders

The Winner of "The Malcolm The Weaver Children's Cool Colouring Challenge for The Scottish Borders
Primary Schools" is.. Niamh frae Kirkhope Primary School. Thank ye tae all the children and schools for their wonderful artwork.
It was very difficult tae choose frae the shortlist, but I described the winner as being the "Funkiest". Well done every yin.

Yours Jesse Rae.
Trustee for The Wallace Statue